The very first thing you’ll notice is we’re not your typical gym. There are no Crossfit workouts, bootcamps, spin, or zumba classes. We focus on your core as the foundation, while pushing you to your cardiovascular and strength limits. Each individual has their own unique personal best; we will help you find it aggressively and safely. There’s no reasons why you can’t or excuses why you shouldn’t.


  • Customized small group training


  • Personal 1-on-1 training


  • Military Special Ops / Spartan training


  • Running club


  • Kids Class


  • Remote long-distance coaching


  • Nutritional coaching

“This is encouragement, genuinely caring about you, and smart coaching at its best. This is where you raise your expectations.

This is change through challenging you to push your absolute hardest.”

-Paul Watson


Who is Warrior Fitness for?

Anyone who understands anything that’s worth having rarely comes easily and will need to work for it. We will change your mindset through tough yet doable training that will in turn change your life.
This is rough training for tough people.
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