• ARE YOU TRAINING TO BE A SPARTAN? Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, 5k +, Police? 

Give our Spartan training a try!

It is a 100% doable no matter what level of fitness you are at. If you’re new to Spartan you won’t feel overwhelmed or if you are already an ELITE Spartan let us take you to the next level! You'll also learn about INJURY PREVENTION, how to improve your rate of recovery, and the important role of effective nutrition for your training week and race day

Direct Benefits: • Build speed and endurance • Neutralize lactic acid more effectively • Run further, faster • Recover sooner • Boost your metabolism


There's no limit on who's tough enough to be a rough-terrain racing athlete. But you need to put in the time working on obstacles, become familiar with tough, grueling training, put together intelligently.

• Obstacle training

• Core ground work

• Stadium stair sprints

• Upper body strength training

• Sand bag running

• Weight vest training