Paul Watson has been successfully training individuals for over 20 years. From everyday professional men and women around the country to elite athletes, Paul has developed truly customized programs that work. He's also worked extensively with firefighters, police officers, those with special needs, and countless men training for or already in one of our nation's elite communities of the military.

Good health and fitness are lifelong pursuits that Paul has dedicated his profession to. Combining a formal education with his background as a nationally competitive athlete, his goal is to educate people in the importance and value of clean living, an alkalizing diet, and tremendous health benefits of rough training.


• Expert Strength, Endurance, and Obstacle training professional.

• Winner of numerous running, swimming, strength, and rough-terrain racing events.

• Began career as a trainer in New York in 1997.

• Enlisted in the military after terrorist attacks of 9/11.

• Proudly served 2 tours of duty as a tech specialist for Navy SEAL Team 5.

• Relocated to Fresno in 2008.

• Started Elite Physical Training in Fresno in 2009.

• Opened WARRIOR FITNESS January 1, 2015.