Our Mission

Our mission at Warrior Fitness: BE UNIQUE. We accomplish this thru the following:

1.) TRAINING from cutting edge workouts based entirely in science to unique to inspiring coaching unlike any other gym.

2.) NUTRITION — The key emphasis is on practical meal-planning. So you get on-going nutritional coaching.

3.) SUPPORT Sometimes this journey CAN be difficult, or even frustrating. We understand this, and are never more proud than when we can help on and individual basis.

4.) OUR MEMBERS One of the most amazing things has been the quality of people who’ve come to us. We feel truly blessed in knowing this fact

• Amazing Group Training

Step into one of our energetic, fun one-of-a-kind group ,training classes where we combine: full-body H.I.I.T. training, intense strength training, and old school boxing drills each week that will likely leave you completely drenched and sore – and incredibly accomplished .


• Military / Special Ops Conditioning

There's a reason we're considered the authority in military and Spec-Ops physical conditioning. If you're thinking about screen testing for one of the elite communities of the military, you know you'll need a routine that goes far beyond the gym. Learn more about our unique and advanced training program here. Running Club / Spartan Training. World class run coaching for ALL fitness abilities.


• Personal 1 – on – 1 Training

A customized, results-driven training program just for you. Workouts based entirely on you, your goals, your background, and your time availability.


• Complete Nutritional Coaching

Diets don’t work – smart choices do. But your nutrition plan needs to be PRACTICAL. What and when you eat is vital for your success, but they also need to be realistic.

• Kids Class

Our “Warrior Kids” program is perfect for children 5-11 who want the best and create exercise habits in their daily lives. Our kids program builds cardiovascular-respiratory health, flexibility, agility, and age-appropriate strength, and a great deal of confidence.


• Those with Special Needs

Helping those battling physical or mental challenges and disabilities have always held a special spot in our hearts. Some of the strongest people we've been blessed to come across in life are those with such afflictions and have earned them our highest levels of respect and admiration


• Long Distance Training

Need a world-class trainer but live on the other side of the world? Your unique solution is here – be part of our world-wide Warrior Family and experience our ground breaking, and unique long distance training program.


• Seniors

As an older adult, you're someone who knows the value of trying to stay. Yet you also know it can be confusing and at times even a bit overwhelming. This is where we can help. And most importantly, listen to your feedback.