Hi Warriors !! When I started working with Paul I had reached a point where I knew I needed to make some changes, but I wasn't having the success I wanted on my own. Paul supported me through many injuries and helped me get my nutrition on track – and really was the catalyst for the first part of my journey. Since then I’ve transformed my career as well to successfully helping others on their journeys of transformation too ! I know it can seem overwhelming, but transformation is possible !

Katie W.

Health Coach at Take Shape For Life

I began training with Paul as a civilian a few years ago in pursuit of the Navy SEAL Officer Selection Program (the goal alone is quite remarkable as selection includes only 15 of the highest caliber men each year, nation-wide).

We trained under his Remote Training program and stayed in contact every day. Paul's structured fitness methodology combined with his attention to detail and constant contact enabled me to meet my goals. The training was well-planned and incredibly intense and is what helped me not only get selected, but prepared me for successfully completely the rigors of BUDs (the elite military school for Navy SEAL training) – and graduate at the top of my class.

Sam, 31

LT, U.S. Navy SEALs

BUDs Honor Graduate (top physical achievement award),

Class # non-disclosed

I am a 44 year old wife and mother of 2, working full time as an RN. I started my journey training for Spartan races in Nov 2015. Six months into it I knew I had to step up my training. Luckily, this is when I met Paul Watson and found Warrior Fitness. From the moment I walked into his gym, I knew it was something very special. Paul is so welcoming & helpful. His experience & knowledge surpassed even my expectations.

My personal experience is I came in with physical limitations from previous injuries. Paul worked around all these injuries yet still made sure I pushed my body and every limit he could find (safely). Warrior Fitness has been filled with challenging training sessions ending in hard earned sweat with the most inspirational people I’ve seen that motivated me every time I stepped foot in the door. Being at Warrior Fitness has helped prepare me to achieve my goal: the “Spartan SoCal Beast” (12 miles with 31 obstacles), the final road to my 1st Trifecta.

Chris S, 44

Spartan athlete

Starting a fitness journey can be intimidating. I started with a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, like most people do. And, like most people, I had a goal but didn’t know where to start. That’s when I met Paul Watson. I started working out with Paul when I was 270lbs and ended up about 170 (currently 180 now). Training with Paul was never easy, ‘til this day it still isn’t !

But it can be done. His comprehensive and effective workouts push you to see passed your limits and instill a mindset to run faster, lift heavier, and be stronger. My results speak for themselves. Paul motivates you to see your potential, reach it, and go even further.

I definitely recommend anyone and everyone to train with Paul and Warrior Fitness.

Ryan G, 25

Law School

Paul has been a great resource for me. A no-nonsense no-hype operation, Paul's training and nutrition has been cutting edge and effective.

Mike, 54

Lieutenant Colonel

U.S. Green Beret and Army Special Forces