While training with Paul, I reached new levels of fitness. Does Paul have an extensive knowledge of exercise physiology, nutrition, and recovery? Absolutely! But so do a lot of trainers. What sets Paul apart from the rest of the training industry is his personal investment in his clients. I've yet to meet a trainer who is more dedicated to the success of their clients.

Matt Hehn, 24

Nationally Competitive Crossfit/Endurance Athlete

Getting ready to talk to Paul for the first time, I was apprehensive. I had worked with a trainer once before and HATED IT. However, I was pleasantly surprised almost immediately once I started talking to Paul. Fast forward four months into training with Paul, not only am I going to the gym and working hard, I am ENJOYING the workouts ! To date, I’ve lost 23 pounds and I am in better shape now than when I was in my 20’s. I can actually see a big difference in the clothes I am wearing – I now fit into a size 4, compared to a size 10.

I jokingly call Paul, “Dr. Paul” because the genuine concern and caring. He is better than either my Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig counselors – combined ! -- yes, I have done it all when it comes to diet plans! Great job Paul and I’m so excited.

Kathy, 50

Executive Assistant

Paul is not only the most knowledgeable person I have ever met when it comes to fitness, but he is also the model of physical fitness. I've had the opportunity to train with Paul for little over a year and thought I was in fair physical shape when I started. Within a few months of new training, I reached levels of physical performance that I never thought possible for myself. I never thought that I would be excited about going to the gym or planning my next workout, but training with Paul has put a totally different spin on physical fitness for me

Joe, 25

Endurance Athlete



Preparing for an all-terrain mountain race, Paul not only provided the intense training and knowledge remotely, he also flew in from the west coast and worked right along with me on occasions for tremendous motivation. Paul's training is definitely the real deal.

John, 29

Law Enforcement and All-Terrain Triathlete Virginia

In my last tour of duty for the Navy, I deployed to the middle east. At that point in my life I had set a goal despite being deployed that upon my return to the states and discharge from active duty, I would play Division 1 football for Nebraska University - as a walk on. Paul believed in me and was more than eager to help me train hard at every opportunity I could for this goal that eventually led me to walking onto the Nebraska Cornhusker football team!

I am going into my final year at Nebraska playing defensive end. Without Paul's help, I'm not sure how I would have accomplished my goals.

Tyrone Fahie #92

Nebraska University Football