About Us

Whether it’s running a 4-minute mile or 15-minute one, we all have unique personal bests in everything.  We help you find them — and then help you to beat them, time and again. There’s a reason the Navy SEALs’ slogan is “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday,” as they realize through struggle and always challenging yourself to do better you bring about remarkable results, physically and mentally. This is believing on the other side of difficulty and suffering is greatness. This is trusting Paul and his team of amazing trainers as a truly unique coaching staff that have your back and are completely here to support you in every aspect on your journey. This is attacking the one thing in the universe you can be certain of changing – you. You have every resource needed already within you to change. This is where you channel that.   This is committing yourself to pushing through the fear and the pain, and becoming more than you are at this moment..  

This is tough training, done intelligently and safely. We train hard, aggressively, and support each other as a team.  If you’re serious about your health and fitness, we will give you the tools, the knowledge, and the amazing workouts– and give you a support system to bring about success and even exceed your goals.

Meet our owner Paul Watson

“No matter how challenging your goals may seem, I WILL help you achieve them” 
-Paul Watson


Anyone who understands anything that’s worth having rarely comes easily and will need to work for it. We will change your mindset through tough yet doable training that will in turn change your life. This is rough training for tough people.